My personal perspective on Yoga

Yoga has grown to be a tree with many tall branches. These days there are so many different styles of Yoga out there… So which Yoga style is the best?

Allocating time for oneself, avoid distractions and managing to “stay on the path”, in my mind, is more important than what branch of Yoga is practiced. Sometimes there is more than one way to reach a goal.

There is no right way to exercise, there is RIGHT for the individual that is practicing. There is no sacred counting, duration, force to be used, there is RIGHT for the individual that is practicing.

I did not adhere to one particular system but the base of my routine is Hatha Yoga. I experimented, fished out from other exercising styles, what I felt was good for me, omitted what did not fit and got together ‘my routine’. Some exercises I have been doing since my childhood but I am always excited about exploring and experimenting new things.

This section is about my personal perspective on Yoga and my way of practicing it.

My daily routine

Opening breathing exercises, eyes closed.
Yoga Postures – standing, sitting and laying down.
Breathing exercises with eyes open.
Face yoga ending with a head stand.
Final breathing exercise with eyes closed.



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