Ambushing thoughts or sensations

When ambushing thoughts, we are as if, using one part of the brain to observe another part of the brain. We can look at it as if a more advanced part of the brain (“the real I”) is observing an inferior, more instinctive part of the brain.

Ambushing thoughts is a playful way to meditate, a bit like a guessing game.

When ambushing thoughts, we are observing in alert presence what enters our conscience mind (what is being processed). We are as if waiting to see what is going to be our next thought? Waiting to see, what is going to be the subject of the next thought? Waiting to see if the thought enters on our inhale or on our exhale etc.

The three basic types of thoughts

Flash thoughts
A flash thought is a thought, that as it arouses (sneaks into our conscience mind), we are able to become aware of it within one or two breathing cycles. We then observe the thought and quick let it dissipate like passing clouds.

Evolved thoughts
If we miss catching a thought as it arouses in our conscience mind, it may evolve to a longer inner skull debate, analysis or planning. Once we become aware of the state we are in, we can also observe the thought and let it dissipate like passing clouds.

Uncontrollable thoughts
There are some thoughts that just loop and are difficult to observe. Our mind prioritizes these thoughts and we have a difficulty letting them pass. They turn into “Mental Diarrhea” which prevent us from becoming observant.

We can also use ambushing when it comes to sensation. While meditating we wait for a tingling sensation or an urge to scratch and instead of reacting to this sensation, we observe it. After observing the sensation for some time, it dissipates without a physical reaction.

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