General on humour

If going through this section, will release one good laugh or even just a genuine wide smile from YOU, I will feel my job is done and you will feel the impact of one of the nicest blessings we have in this Tour-De-Life.

A fantastic antidote to all the cruelty, selfishness, vanity and ignorance in this world is humour. Nothing like finding momentary refuge in laughing and smiling.

On top of all that, humour is a very powerful deductive tool that may help convey lightly both thoughts and actions. It can open hidden doors, can bypass, defuse, connect and and and …

Ahh yes, very important to be aware, that humour, does not hurt other people.

In this section I have collected some Yoga related humour, that I like and could not resist also adding some non-Yoga stuff. Hope you enjoy

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