My ideal Guru

Being able to learn from other people’s experience, is a really great blessing that we have as humans.
It is a good practice to evaluate, who is it that is teaching us and what are the teacher’s motives for teaching.
My ideal Guru is like an ice cube, that the students can stand on. From a higher vantage point, new insights may come. After some time, the ice naturally melts as the Guru should disappear from the student’s life.
My ideal Guru, is a humble person that lives a modest life.
My ideal Guru, knows of A way not THE way.
My Ideal Guru, makes mistakes and does not know it all.
My ideal Guru, urges to question and doubt whatever is taught.
My ideal Guru, prefers to teach about the “Nature of Things” under a tree and not so much in fancy congregation halls.
My ideal Guru, speaks in a plain language and does not use expressions from languages that are not understood by the students.
My ideal Guru, doesn’t ask anyone to give up ones sovereignty, on the path to finding a truth.
My ideal Guru, is motivated by giving, not by profiting.

In Zen Buddhism it is said: “If you meet the Buddha in the road, kill him”. There are many different interpretations to this saying. Killing is extreme, so I prefer replacing “killing” with “be aware and beware”.