Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, covering and protecting us from infections and toxins. Our skin is not uniform on all parts of our body and varies according to the protection needed to the different parts of our body.

The skin covering our face is gentler than most other parts of the body. The eyelids for example are very thin and delicate. Beneath the facial skin we have blood vessels, nerves, glands that emit sweat glands that emit fat, hair base and other different types of functional cells.

Different people have different types of facial skin. It depends on many factors but most predominantly on our genetics. Like in other body related issues, we can influence the “genetic cards we got” by implementing positive practices.

Many books have been written on positive and negative practices that influences our facial skin. Here under are a few short points.

Smiling and laughing authentically, one of the best practices 😊

Balanced feelings, keeping calm.

Nutrition, we are what we eat.

Liquids in sufficient quantities.

Bacteria that lives in our stomach.

Exercising and stimulating blood circulation in the body.

Sun shine, avoiding excessive direct sun radiation.

Oils or creams that we apply to the skin.

Pollution, avoiding toxins.