Observing the breath

Observing the breath

By becoming aware and focusing on our breathing, we shift our thoughts to what is happening NOW.

In our mind we can follow different aspects of our breathing. This makes it less likely for our thoughts to drift to the past or the future because our mind is occupied with observing the breath.

A popular option is to focus on the point under the nose above the upper lip and sense how air is coming in and out of the nostrils. We can feel a cool sensation in our nose as air is drawn in followed by a warmer sensation as air is expelled.


When breathing a full 3 stage Yogic breathing we can observe on the inhale how the diaphragm expands, next we observe the expansion of the ribcage and last our chest. On the exhale we observe in reverse sequence.

Observing how the lungs inflate and deflate.

Observing how cold air going into the body coming out of the nostrils warmer.

Observing how the flow of air in the nostrils is not always symmetric. Sometimes there is an imbalance and one of the nostrils may be partially clogged.

Observing how the air flows into the nostrils through the swaying hairs around the nostrils.

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