Imaginary images

Imaginary images

We can use our imagination to channel our awareness to limited images. By focusing on an image while meditating, we can restrain our thoughts from wondering around and use the images as ankers.

It can be a single image or it can be a more complex combination of images or even imaginative “video clips”.

In most cases, the images used have specific meanings and are use as focusing points (ankers).

Here is an example of how 3 images can be used, when practicing Harmonious Meditation, to bring awareness and balance between: Logic-Feelings-Instincts.

 Harmonious Breathing is used to create a separation between Logic-Feelings-Instincts. A separation between our upper-logical part of the brain, our middle-mammalian-emotional part of the brain and the bottom-reptilian-instinctive part of the brain. 3 images of ourselves, that correspond with Logic-Feelings-Instincts are used as anchors, that reduce the space in which thoughts may arise and allow observing our thoughts more easily.

Breathing is related to three images:
1st image (full inhale 2 beat) – relates to the logical, analytical part of our brain.
2nd image (exhale upper lungs 2 beat) – relates to the mammalian, emotional part of our brain.
3rd image (exhale stomach 2 beat) – relates to the reptilian /oceanic, instinctive part of our brain.

The images I use:
1st image of myself, sitting in front of a lake, in a white shirt.
2nd image of myself, watching myself in the lake underwater, with one hand on the heart.
3rd image of myself, sitting underwater, without a shirt.

The “I” sitting in-front of the lake, is observing the “I” at the bottom of the lake. This creates as if a separation, between our logical thoughts, our emotions and our instincts. It allows us to better observe our thoughts from the outer.

All three Logic-Feelings-Instincts are vital for our survival. In some case using our logic has great advantages, it is a slower process and requires efforts. In other cases, we may use our feelings and intuition. When we need to make a quick decision, we rely on our instincts.

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