Harmonious meditation

Taking Harmonious Breathing to the next level, is by observing and controlling our thoughts while breathing harmoniously.

This meditation is divided into 2 parts. In the first part the focus is on getting into harmonious breathing while reciting Mantras. In the second part the focus is on Ambushing Thoughts.

1st part:
we start by paying attention to the breath, practicing Harmonious Breathing. Switching to Full 3-stage Yogic Breathing. Slowing down the tempo of the breathing to about half of our normal resting breathing rate. We then double the duration of the exhale compared to the duration of the inhale.
We recite personal Mantras that correspond with the timing of Harmonized Breathing.

As a break between the two parts, we can do one round of Cutoff Breathing.

2nd part: devoted into making an effort to observe thought as they enter our conscience mind,  Ambushing Thoughts.

either sitting on a pillow placed on the floor, or sitting on a chair. Straight back, leaning forward may invite the exchange of meditation with sleep and may also invite back pain.

Mouth: Lips are closed, small gap (rice grain) between the upper and the lower teeth,

Tong: Tong lightly touching the roof of the mouth while resting mon the lower front teeth. We do our best to avoid “vacuum” in the mouth, which is a sign of tension.
The connecting point between the tong and the roof of the mouth is a center of concentration.

Eyes: preferably with eyes close, observing “black clouds”. Black-Clouds are the different patters we see, when we close our eyes, for a longer period of time.

At the end of the session, there may come a feel that the eyes are slightly sticky, a bit like when we wake up in the morning.

Imagined surroundings:
When we inhale, we imagine that we are sitting in-front of a lake dressed in white and inhaling. This part of us, is our logic, our thinking mind.

When we exhale, we imagine that we are sitting at the bottom of the lake and exhaling. This part of us is our feelings, our primitive, reptilian mind.

Us sitting in-front of the lake, is observing us at the bottom of the lake. This creates as if a separation, between our feelings and thoughts, instincts and logic.

Sounds: I mostly sit in silence and try not to produce any breathing sounds.
Sometimes I may listen in the background to a recording of the soft sounds of a Water Stream.

Smiles: I sometimes add some smiles on the inhale that contribute to relaxation.

Duration: 60 minutes first thing in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening before going to sleep.


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