General On Health

Unless there will come an amazing scientific breakthrough, all humans are destined to die, ending their short-trip called life. Some say “it is better to burnout than to rust” and they may be right. Others prefer the “rust path”. Living a healthy lifestyle, many times leads to prolonging the rusting process.

There are no guarantees on “cashing in” when “investing” in a healthy life style. Sometimes, things that were considered by researchers to be healthy, turn out to be unhealthy after some time (latest research shows…). Humans are so fragile in this Tour-De-Life. Life may end abruptly and unexpectedly, for endless reasons.

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing”.

Generally speaking, health depends on Lifestyle & Luck. Lucky ones get a “good hand” when the genetic cards are drawn. Luck is also needed to offset random hazards. Luck is something that is out of control but living a heath by lifestyle is controllable and a decision than can be taken.

Still, it is very important to feel good about a chosen lifestyle. Feeling uncomfortable or forced to a particular lifestyle, may lead to negative consequences.

Changing to a new lifestyle is not an easy task. Innovations are many times a result of inspiration or desperation, except the coincidental ones that depend on …. luck.

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