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Unless there will come an amazing scientific breakthrough, we are all destined to a “death sentence”, ending this short-trip called life. Some say it is better to “burnout than to rust” and they may be right. I personally prefer the “rust path” and am doing my best to live, according to what I feel, is a healthy lifestyle. Actually, I am making an effort to prolong my rusting process.

I am aware that there are no guarantees on “cashing in” when “investing” in a healthy life style . We are so fragile in this trip-of-life; it can end abruptly and unexpectedly, for endless reasons. Besides that, they say, that “Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing”.

Basically, my health depends on Luck & Lifestyle. I really feel very lucky, feel that I got a “good hand” when my cards were drawn as I came into this world. Still to me, luck is something that is out of control so I am trying to affect my heath by lifestyle while hoping for the best of luck.  

I personally enjoy taking this particular path of Healthy-lifestyle, I feel it is the right thing for me to do but again, it is not necessarily the right path for all, we are so different (but still very much alike).

Changing to a new lifestyle is not an easy task. Innovations are many times a result of inspiration or desperation, except the coincidental ones that depend on …. luck.

In this section I will try to describe my personal efforts, tricks and tips on how I am trying to affect my rusting process.

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