Eating cycle

I am a strict vegetarian since the age of 17 and in recent years a vegan.

It took me time to understand that as a vegetarian / vegan it is very important for me to balance my diet, in particular compensate for proteins and other nutrients coming from animal-based foods.

Typical Ingesting sequence

After the food digestion night-break, I slowly awake my digesting system by eating fruits.

Once the fruits are digested, I eat my Muesli breakfast, a mix that I make myself, made of various oats, seeds and nuts.

Middle of the day I normally eat light, bread with a spread or leftovers from dinner.

Afternoon – Fruit

For dinner I normally eat RICE / potatoes / sweet potatoes dish with lentils / beans / peas. BIG vegetable salat is a must.

Dessert or whenever I have an urge for something sweet, I go for DATES.

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