Every day my body is using water in different ways: in chemical processes, for cleaning, eliminating and for cooling. I do my best to drink enough water and eat water-rich fruits and vegetables so I don’t lack liquids, especially in warmer climates.

I tend to separate water (or other liquids I drink) from my food. Seemed to me logical that when mixing liquids and foods the enzymes in the stomach (and also in the saliva) are diluted which leads to a less effective digesting process.

Last thing I ingest in the evening is a big glass of warm water and the first thing I ingest after waking up in the morning is a big glass of warm water. If I am in a hot place, lukewarm and if I am in a cold place hot water.

In the beginning, this routine added an extra run or two to the toilet at night but after an adjusting period, where I urinate before going to sleep things are back as they were.

Besides that, I sometimes drink ginger lemon tea which I like.