Deodorants and perfumes

Deodorants and perfumers

One of the most important ways that our body eliminates waste and toxins is through the skin.

When sweating, the evaporating liquids reduce the temperature of the body. This is our cooling mechanism. Along with the sweat, the body gets rid of waste and toxins.

Toxins in our body come from what we eat, breath and from other chemical process going on in the body. When we are sick or when we eat foods that were not meant for a human body, the odor of our sweat becomes foul. The foul smell is a signal from our body, that something is wrong.

Actually, the foul smell is caused mainly by bacteria that is attracted to the waste disposed by the body. The bacteria break the waste, leaving an acidic deposition, that does not smell good.

When we are in good health, eating the right food and breathing fresh air, our sweat becomes odorless. Bacteria is not attracted to the disposed waste.

Some people who do not feel comfortable with the odor that their body produces, “mask” it with perfumes and deodorants. “Long Lasting Deodorants” many times block the pours in the skin, not allowing the body to eliminate, leaving waste and toxins in the body.

Perfumes are many times highly concentrated chemicals that may be toxic. They may enter into the body through the pours of the skin.

Rule of thumb: what we don’t eat, we should not put on our skin.