Ocean Breathing also called Victorious Breathing

Mode: relaxing exercise

Breathing: complete 3 stage Yogic breathing

Sound: a sound generating breathing

Ocean breathing has a sound element to it and belongs to the group of breathing exercises such as Humming Bee Breathing (om) and Whistle Breathing.

The first step in trying to do ocean breathing is to imagine, that we are as if trying to damp a mirror or glass with the mouth open. Second step is closing the mouth while the tong is lying down on the floor of the mouth. The third stage is to open the throat channel so that the movement of the inhaled and exhaled air, starts to resonate in the ears with a sound similar to ocean waves breaking on the shore.

It is a bit tricky opening the air passage in the throat, a bit like when releasing pressure in the ears when about to land with an airplane or when gargling water.

The exhaling “ocean sound” is louder than the inhaling “ocean sound”.

Ocean breathing may be followed by Feather Breathing. The contrast of the vibrating sounds of the ocean and the silence of feather breathing is very calming.

When there is mucus in the nose channels, it may start to vibrate and add a “funny” sound to the ocean sounds.