Feather Breathing

Mode: relaxing exercise
Posture: standing, sitting or laying down. Muscles relaxed.
Breathing: complete 3 stage Yogic breathing
Sounds: no sounds
Image: we become very light
Feather breathing is a very light and calming breathing exercise, which may allow us to experience lightness and the sound of silence.
While the mouth is closed and teeth slightly apart, we take a deep yet slow inhale through the nose and fill the lungs.
We form with the lips a small hole, we as if, pierce the lips. We then exhale through the pierced hole: slowly, quietly, gently and with a steady flow of air. A bit like silent whistling, with a very slow-flow of air. We can imagine that when exhaling we, have a feather or a burning candle in front of the mouth and we are making an effort, while exhaling, not to move the feather or bend the flame.

 As the air is fully expelled, the lips are gently sealed before the next inhale. It is worthwhile to be aware of the moment that the lips seal, at the end of the exhalation. The moment the lips seal, when the air is fully expelled, is for many people, a point of deeper relaxation.

Feather breathing, is a good follow-up exercise, to exercises that generate sounds. Exercises such as Ocean-breathing, Humming-bee breathing and Whistle-breathing. The contrast of silence following sound-generation, gives a special effect.