Whistle Breathing also called storm breathing

Mode: relaxing exercise

Breathing: complete 3 stage Yogic breathing

Sound: a sound generating breathing

Whistle breathing has a sound element to it and belongs to the group of breathing exercises such as “Humming bee breathing” (om) and “Ocean breathing”.

Normally people whistle when they are happy, not so much when they are sad. A bit like singing, whistling is an action that calms, as sounds are expelled. The sound of whistle-breathing that I practice, is low pitch, a bit like a storm sound. The storm is happening outside of the body and it is as if the storm is observed from the calmness of the inside. A bit like watching a storm through a window from a safe indoor location.  

There are two basic ways to exercise Whistle Breathing. One is whistling on the inhale by drawing air through a small hole formed with the lips and exhaling through the nose. Another option, is inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth while forming a small hole with the lips.