Sighing breathing

Sighing is a balancing and centering activity. We sigh when we feel relieved or happy. We also sigh when we feel sad, frustrated or stressed. Sighing brings comfort, it shakes up our lungs and it is part of our body language.

We sigh unconsciously, in different intensities, every 5 minutes.

Consciously sighing can be a breathing exercise on its own.

I start by making a full 3 stage Yogic inhale. I retain my breath shortly and then forcefully exhale with my mouth wide open, while making a loud ahhhh sound. I repeat this cycle a few times.

Another option for exercising sighing-breathing, is to fill the air with a normal inhale and then on top of that, add another inhale, to compress more air into the lungs. Next stage, is forcefully exhaling while making a loud ahhhh sound.

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