Harmonious breathing

Harmonious breathing

When practicing Harmonious Breathing, we do 6 things simultaneously.

1. We breathe a Complete 3-stage Yogic Breathing. 2-beat on the inhale and 4-beat on the exhale.

2. We prolong the duration of the exhale so it is twice as long as the duration of the inhale.
Actually this action should come naturally, as a result of 2-beat on the inhale and 4-beat on the exhale.
If there is any discomfort or an unpleasant feeling, we should adjust and find a comfortable ratio.

3. We gradually reduce our breathing rate so that we get to half of our breathing rate at rest.
As our breathing rate gets slower, we monitor and make sure that the slowing down is not causing a discomfort or an unpleasant feeling. If we start to feel “air hunger”, we should quickly adjust and breathe a bit faster, until we feel comfortable again.

4. We breathe fully. Inhaling deeply and emptying the lungs to a minimum.

5. We quiet our breath so no sounds are made while inhaling and exhaling

6. We round the breathing, so that there are no steps (or stops) when making transitions from beat to beat. At the bottom of the breathing, after fully exhaling it is OK to make a short pause.