General on breathing

In spite of my many years of experience in instinctive breathing, I discovered that there is so much to explore and learn regarding this seemingly simple action. Just like in Yoga exercises there are different Yogic breathing techniques with different approaches. The goal is the same, to benefit out of each breath that we take.

We breathe about 20.000 times every day, that is about 14 breaths per minute. Our lung capacity is about 6 liters but most of us don’t use the full capacity of the lungs.

The different breathing exercises that I practice are basically different ways to fill the lungs and in different tempos. The different combinations have a variety effects on my body.

When exercising and also in other everyday activities, I make an effort to be aware of my breathing, synchronize it with my activity and breath from the nose. I am a fan of Nose breathing.

Some of my breathing exercises are meant to calm-down and others are meat to stimulate.

In this section I would like to share my personal experience, findings and thoughts on the fascinating subject of breathing.

Since the mediation I practice, is based on watching the breath, I have included meditation under this section.


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