Facial expressions

Facial expressions

We all know it is very good to smile when speaking to an audience. We can’t constantly smile through the whole speech; we need to demonstrate other facial expressions and also transitions.

I mentioned in the introduction, the 6 key body-language gestures that we REST when inhaling, using a full 3 stage Yogic breathing sequence.
When it comes facial expressions, the procedure is that when we inhale, we expose our upper set of teeth and smile.

There are many good reasons for us to smile when we inhale. First of all, one of these days we are going to exhale and never inhale again. So, we managed to pull-off another cycle, that’s a good reason to smile. Now, to be a bit more serious…

When speaking to an audience, we are like waitrs serving customers, and this we do mainly on the exhale, when we speak. The audience needs to digest what was served.
A smile is a perfect expression during the inhaling pause. When we smile and expose our upper set of teeth on the inhale, we relax the audience while they are digesting the gestures and words we said on the previous exhale.

We are also relaxing ourselves by smiling – we know when we smile and how we smile.

So while completing a full 3 stage Yogic inhale we make a transition into a full friendly smile 😊


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