Eye contact


Eye-contact builds trust and focus. When speaking to an audience we should try and talk to individual members of the audience not to the audience as a whole. We should speak to one person at a time, a sentence or phrase and then shift our eye-contact to another person. WE TALK EYE TO EYE
When we shift our eyes from one person to another, we need to make sure that this action is well synchronized with our other body language gestures and also to the words that we say, otherwise we may lose points on our presence-score.

I mentioned in the introduction the 6 key body-language gestures that we REST when preforming a full 3 stages Yogic inhale.
When it comes to eye-contact, the procedure is that only after we start to inhale, we shift our eyes from one person to another. This way we make sure we don’t break eye-contact before we finished the sentence.

Talking to someone and not looking at that person is considered to be impolite, even if it is a fraction of a second. We need to get to a full-stop or a comma and even add a short pause, before shifting eye contact. After making eye contact to the next person, there should be a “hand-shake OR eye- shake pause” before starting to speak.

It gets more complicated, we also “talk” with our body and would like to make sure that we don’t continue ”saying“ things with our body, while we shift eye-contact, just as we do with the words we say.

We are using our breathing clock to synchronize our eye shifting. Only after we start to inhale, we shift our eyes to the next person.

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