Exercises for timing eye-contact shifting

For getting the most out of this exercise it is advised to first see the video (or read the text about) Body language gestures: eye-contact

Managing eye-contact with the audience, is crucial for a high presence-core, when standing in front of an audience or a class.

Instead of practicing eye-contact live with an audience, when the stakes are high, it is much better to start and practice eye-contact timing on our own.

The idea is to stick pairs of colored dots or plastic eyes on a wall. Every pair represents the eyes of a spectator. We can adjust the height of the dots, either to simulate a sitting or a standing audience.

While we practice saying the relevant text, we shift our eyes from one pair of dots to another. The shift occurs during the “Inhale Reset”, where we perform a slow, complete 3 stage, Yogic inhale. 1st inhale beat, we “bow” to the person we were talking to. 2nd inhale beat, we make an “eye shake”.

We shift our eyes from one pair of dots to the next, every sentence or maximum 2 sentences.

This exercise allows us to feel, evaluate and improve our timing off-stage.