Exercises for timing eye-contact shifting

For getting the most out of this exercise it is advised to first see the video (or read the text about) Body language gestures: eye-contact

Managing eye-contact with the audience is crucial for a high presence score when standing in front of an audience or a class.

Instead of practicing eye-contact live with an audience, when the stakes are high, it is much better to start and practice eye-contact timing on your own. I have devised a practical method that can be practiced almost anywhere.

The idea is to stick pairs of colored dots on a wall, where every pair represents the eyes of a spectator. We can adjust the height of the dots either to simulate a sitting or a standing audience.

While we practice saying the relevant text, we shift our eyes from one pair of dots to another. The shift occurs during the “Inhale Reset”, where we perform a slow, full 3 stage, Yogic inhale.

We shift our eyes from one pair of dots to the next, every sentence or maximum 2 sentences.

This exercise allows us to feel, evaluate and improve our timing off-stage.

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