Weight-loss occurs 'via breathing'

Weight-loss is directly related to our breathing

We lose body-weight by exhaling CO2, we don’t really lose body-weight in the toilet.

Trees, “inhale” CO2 and “exhale” O2, keeping the C which they use for growing. Trees can weigh hundreds of kilos, mainly from the C that they “inhale” and from water.

The air that we exhale is heavier than the air that we inhale. We Inhale O2 and we exhale CO2. It is the carbon that adds about 0,009 gr. to the exhaled air. It may seem that an additional fraction of a gram, in every exhale, is insignificant.  Since we exhale between 20.000 to 25.000 times a day, it adds up. In average, we may lose 200 grams of our body weight, every day, due to this difference in inhaled exhaled weight of air.

Additional aerobic-exercises during the day (burning calorie), may further increase the amount of CO2 exhaled which may result in a loss of an additional 50 grams per day.

When “Burning Fat” in the body, energy is released but still after the burning there is ‘mass conservation’, the weight does not disappear. When 10 kg of human fat are burned, 8.4 kg are converted to carbon dioxide (CO2) which are disposed with our lungs and 1.6 kg turn into water (H20) which is disposed as humidity when we breathe, sweat, urinate etc.

For burning 10 kg of human fat 29 kg of oxygen are required. That produces 28 kg of (CO2) and 11 kg of (H20). Mass conservation…. 10+29 = 28+11