Sex and breathing

Breathing may be used for stimulating and relaxing before, during and after sexual activity.

Nitric oxide, is generated in the sinuses and is added to the air that we inhale, as it passes through the nasal cavity. It has many important functions in the body, one of them is sexual stimulation. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and contributes to the arousal of both women and men. Making humming sounds, induces the release of nitric oxide to the nasal cavity.

Couples can connect to each other by matching their breathing. Matching the breathing tempo (rate), the duration of the inhale and the duration of the exhale. Mutual breathing retention is another way of connecting by breathing (or not breathing….)

Most of the traditional Yogic breathing exercises may be used as “spices” before, while and after sexual activity.

Some men have a problem of premature ejaculation, and some women have a problem with reaching an orgasm. So, what many times happen is that men are trying to avoid an orgasm while women are trying to get one.

Some women have difficulties getting to an orgasm because they are tens during sexual activities. Breathing exercises that relax the body, prior and during sexual activities, may assist in getting an orgasm.

Other women require stimulation before and during sexual activity. Imagining that the inhaled air is going all the way down to the pelvis may assist. Practicing stimulating breathing exercises may help.

Generally, instead of focusing on an orgasm, it is worth while trying to focus on the breathing.


Men may be able to delay ejaculation, intensify and even extend their sexual orgasm, by controlling their breathing.

A short deep inhale followed by a short retention and then a slow exhale may assist in delaying ejaculation.

When getting very close to ejaculation retreating and hyperventilating, by inhaling and exhaling intensively (like in Bellows Breathing) may delay the orgasm.

Repeated retreating and hyperventilating, may lead to a prolonged erection.