On breathing

People find It hard to believe that something so basic as breathing can have a profound and significant impact on our well being. The way we breathe directly affect both our physical and mental health.

We can eat healthy food and watch our diet, we can stay fit and exercise our body regularly, we can sleep properly but if we breath dis-functionally, we are missing out on a vital element of our health.

There is a lot more to breathing than just filling the lungs with air and allowing the body take care of the rest.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t breathe the way nature intended us to breathe.

Some people say many of us breath poorly because we have a bent spine that restricts our breathing with the upper part of the lungs. Other say the reason is that many of us wear tight cloths and belts that obstruct our breathing with the lower part of the lungs. They are both right to a  certain extent.
Actually, the main reason is our mental state. When we are exposed for a prolonged period of time to stress and emotion suppression our breathing patterns change.

We can offset the negative affects of dysfunctional-breathing by practicing a series of breathing exercises.

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