On breathing

Living is breathing, living right is breathing right.

There were a few health revolutions (or some say revivals) in recent years. People are more aware about the importance of keeping the body active physically. People are more aware of their nutrition and are aware that sleeping is vital for good health. It seems that the revolution of breathing is trailing behind.

Breathing is vital to human existence; without it, survival is limited to a few short minutes. Breathing is strongly connected, to almost every aspect of human wellbeing.

The respiratory system (breathing system), is the only system in the body that has dual control, voluntary and involuntary. There are two separate sets of controlling nerves, one going from the unconscious part of the brain and the other from the conscious part of the brain. This crossing of the two nerve networks, allows using breathing for having an impact on other organs in the body and also on the control unit itself, the BRAIN.

Breathing is individual, in the same way that the character of a person is individual. In order to use breathing to promote both physical and mental health, it is vital to understand how the system functions (biology and chemistry). It is also vital, to experiment and learn what is one’s breathing-identity or breathing-profile.

A good place to start experimenting is where other humans succeeded and a good background for experimenting is understanding the basics of human anatomy and chemistry.

Combining modern knowledge on biology and anatomy, with the more ancient practices of the Yogis in India, is a powerful combination.