Mouth taping

There are many advantages in breathing through the nose when we are in “rest and digest mode” and nighttime is when we rest. Dysfunctional breathing during the night, may affect our health in a negative way.

It may be possible to change breathing patters, by training our body during the night to breathe through the nose. Mouth-taping may sound a bit extreme, but it seems to have helped people to change their night-breathing and even to affect unconscious breathing during the day.

When we have a blocked nose, we instinctively switch to mouth breathing. When our mouth is blocked, we have no other option but using the nose for breathing.

What is needed for mouth-taping, is a roll of hypo-allergic tape, that is available in most pharmacies. No real need for commercial tapes that are  designated for mouth- taping.

It is a good idea to get used to mouth-taping during the day before attempting to sleep with a taped mouth.

At first the mouth can be taped vertically, leaving the option of breathing from the sides of the mouth.

If all goes well with vertical taping, it is possible to switch to horizontal taping, where all of the mouth is taped, with no way to breath from the mouth.

Before attempting to tape your mouth during the night, it is advised to consult a professional person that has experience with mouth-taping and to start the treatment gradually.

People that have asthma, allergies that affect breathing or severe nasal congestion, should avoid mouth-taping.