Generating sounds

Adding sounds when breathing

Breath can be silent or accompanied by sounds. Both when inhaling and when exhaling.

Humans have the ability to generate a wide variety of sounds, from hissing to pronouncing syllables / words and from moaning to groaning.

Sounds are consciously created by pushing air either through the mouth and vibrating the vocal folds but they may also be generated through the nose.

Combing sounds with breathing may contribute to better release and better absorption of whatever we want to acquire or dispose with breathing.

Many of us are censored and even silenced in everyday situations. Creating special sounds and letting them come out, may serve as a release valve. Creating special sounds and directing them towards the brain may have a tranquilizing effect on us.

While we breath, we can generate sounds, that are comfortable and pleasing for us. These sounds may vibrate and resonate in our head inducing calm. Repetition of special sounds, may relax our mind and effect it in a positive way.

We can let go and release from the inside, with a louder sound or by adding a more subtle sound to the breathing. Some times the sound is very subtle, so subtle, that it is only the breather that can hear the sound vibrating in the head.

Our breathing is as unique as we are. Sounds that relax one person may irritate another and vice versa. It is worthwhile experimenting what sort of breathing sounds make us feel good and what sounds irritate us.
When practicing in a group, breathing exercises that generate louder sounds, tolerance is a virtue.