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Simplified Breathing Workshops – 7 parts


Intorduction to breathing

Breathing in everyday life

Yogic breathing exercises

Breathing combinations

Part 1 – about 2 hours

Understanding why we breathe, how we breathe and how to breathe, as nature intended us to breathe

Conscience and unconscious breathing

Rest & digest, Fight or flight and Overdrive breathing

Basic biology and chemistry of breathing

The 6 important conscience choices of breathing: Nose vs Mouth, Operating muscles, Amplitude of breathing,  Breathing rate, Duration of Inhale vs Exhale and Retention

Part 2 – about 2 hours

Breathing measurements with a stopwatch and an oximeter

How breathing affects the weight of our body

Using breathing to bond, stimulate and relax while engaging in sexual activity

Breathing and its effects on the way we sleep

Mouth taping

Part 3 – about 2 hours

Complete 3 stage breathing variations.

Implementing tempo, intensity, rhythms, rates and ratios.

Relaxing and stimulating exercises

Sound producing and silent exercises

Part 4 – about 2 hours

Lungs expansion exercises

Yogic breathing flow

Harmonious breathing

Breathing retention

CO2 feedback by cupping

Locks and cutoffs

Combining breathing with Yoga postures

Harmonious breathing meditation

Breathing for public speakers and teachers

Part 5 – about 2 hours

Focusing on breathing, rather than the exercises, while practicing Yoga

Integrating Yogic breathing with Yoga exercises

Counting and timing while exercising using our breath

Combining movement with breath

Part 6 – about 2 hours

Adding images and mantras to harmonious breathing

Separating thoughts, emotions and instincts using  3 stage breathing

Having an impact on our unconscious breathing

Part 7 – about 2 hours

How to synchronize body-language with our breathing

What we feel about the words we say, is more important than the words we say. Our body-language gives the audience a window to our feelings

Using a complete 3-stage Yogic inhale, to reset, time and synchronize the different gestures we make with our body, while speaking to an audience

Synchronizing: eye-contact, facial-expressions, hand-gestures, head-gestures, body-posture and movement while talking

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