Breathing techniques

Breathing for public speakers and teachers

Face Yoga

Adding smiles to every-day situations

A workshop on breathing and breathing techniques


Understanding why we breath and how-to breath as nature intended us to breath, allows us to get much more out of each and every breath that we take.

In this workshop we will briefly cover the anatomy and chemistry of breathing. The 5 basic conscience choices we can make when we breath: Abdomen vs Chest,  Nose vs Mouth, Tempo, Duration of Inhale vs Exhale and Retention.

Different Yogic breathing methods will be introduced and practiced together.

A workshop on how to synchronize body-language with our breathing

When speaking to a class or an audience, the words we say account for less than 10% of the communication. Body-language of the teacher or speaker, is crucial for a good presentation.

In this workshop we will go through how to use, full 3-stage Yogic breathing, to reset, time and synchronize the different gestures we make with our body, while teaching a class or speaking to an audience.

Exercises for enhancing stage presence, by using breathing techniques, will be practiced together.

A workshop on Face Yoga

Let’s face it, Face-Yoga is refreshing, stimulating and relaxing.

We will practice together about 40 different exercises for the face, neck and scalp. These exercises will awaken and vitalize our body-penthouse.

It is OK to believe in miracles but not to depend on them. Face-Yoga may delay the aging process in the areas exercised but the main goal of the workshop is to get a good feeling in the head rather than making an effort to “reverse time”.

A workshop on smiling

The ultimate exercise for the face, body and soul. Why do we like to smile? What happens in our brain when we smile?  What is the difference between the different types of smiles that we smile?

In this workshop we will practice 5 practical ways to add more smiles into everyday situations.

Combining humor and ExerSmiling (exercising smiling).

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