Common facial lines

In our early years of life our face skin is tight with no wrinkles. As time passes, we begin to age and lines start forming on different parts of our skin.  Without getting into sophisticated sounding Latin names or other foreign names under is a short list of the 6 most common lines formed on our face when aging.

Forehead lines: these lines cover the whole or part of our forehead.

Wisdom lines: these lines form at the base of the nose right between the eyebrows.

Eye flowers (crow’s feet) lines: these are radial lines, going out from the outer sides of the eyes.

Laugh lines: these lines stretch between the two sides of our nose to the outer sides of our mouth.

Ear flowers: these lines form close to the inner side of the ears.

Mouth flower (smokers lines) lines: these are radial lines that form around the lips.